Legendary Bīru

The story of Sapporo Premium Beer is as captivating as the brew itself. The history of Japan’s oldest brand is irrevocably linked with the small icy village that inspired its creation over 130 years ago. The Sapporo star, a symbol of the pioneering spirit, has come to represent the profound link between the fortunes of the place and the beer.

From humble beginnings Sapporo Premium Beer has become a national icon of Japan. A symbol of excellence that has come to be respected by beer lovers around the globe. Today you can enjoy a taste that still holds true to this unique brew’s proud brewing tradition.

1876 was the year the town of Sapporo, then a just a small frontier settlement in northern Japan, became home to what is now Japan’s oldest brewery.

Located in the shadows of rugged snow capped Sapporo mountains, it was here that legendary Japanese brewer, Seibei Nakagawa, found what he considered to be the purest ingredients for the crafting of his signature brew. From these humble beginnings a beer was born that came to define the tastes of a nation. Its growth and popularity mirroring the fortunes of the place that inspired its creation.

Considered by many to be the pioneer of European style brewing in Japan, Seibei Nakagawa is in many ways the ‘father’ of the Sapporo brand. Japan’s first German trained Brewmaster, Nakagawa blended age-old European brewing techniques with refined Japanese sensibilities, creating a fine golden lager as unique as it is appealing.

Embraced by the locals of Sapporo, the beer’s popularity flourished, the brand’s iconic yellow star now synonymous with brewing perfection. Today the Nakagawa legacy lives on, with beer lovers around the world enjoying the authentically crafted brew he created over 130 years ago.

Capital of the Japanese island Hokkaido, Sapporo’s great mountains yielded the crystal clear water used to create a unique brew of outstanding quality and flavour. With its warm summers and cold, snowy winters, Sapporo’s climate was also perfectly suited to the making and drinking of beer.